researcher in ar/t/ography pol taverne



Driven by my own fascination for Art making and Art history as an artist and a teacher I will explore how Art history can be used as a tool to make art.  What are the necessary ingredients to be able to teach this, so that students can experience what for me is so logical but still intuitive?  My own daily practice as an artist, a teacher and researcher will be the source and field of research. The research question will be the starting point from which this research will develop and expand as a rhizome. This is a dynamic process of enhanced insight obtained through constant reflection between these three domains.

For this research, I will use A/r/tography as a method of research. A/r/tography is interwoven in my research for it explicitly defines and combines the three domains of, Artist/Teacher/ Researcher and urges the researcher to embrace the chaos of this unorthodox way of collecting and analyzing data and to stay close to oneself. This way a métisage is formed in which answer and question exist simultaneously.  By constant reflection and exposing the research to the work field and the contemporary literature, critique is assured and knowledge can be shared.

I will collect data by observing my own practice as an art teacher and by observing my own work process as an artist. For this, I will work as an apprentice with Rembrandt as my master.  This method of learning is to be the stepping stone between Art history and the practice of art making.  This research will result in a series of approximately twelve intaglio prints and an essay on my observations and insights interlaced with relevant findings in the literature on art education and a study into a/r/tography as a method of artistic education research.

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Pol Taverne Kunstgeschiedenis & Kunst Maken, een studie met artography